Below are four questions, which will help us make wise decisions regarding the scheduling of our facility expansion.

A first goal would be to get the steel frame erected and closed to the weather. This is what we are calling the “shell.” We’d like to pay for it with cash and are within $100,000-200,000 of reaching our goal. Thus the first question about what we might be able to give by December 3rd.

The next goal would be to complete the building in 2018. Thus the second question, “what can you give through 2018?” In other words, by the time the building is completed, how much money might we expect to come in? This will determine how much we may possibly need to borrow.

The next goal, if we decide to borrow, would be to pay the loan off in three years. Thus the third question of what you might be able to give over the next three years.

Some within the church have indicated they might be willing to make an interest-free loan to the church, which would decrease any potential loan from a bank. This is our fourth question.

Please prayerfully consider these four questions and thank you for your continued support of the ministries here at Centerville Grace.