There’s lots of different opinions about who Jesus was. Good teacher, good man, etc. But who did Jesus claim to be? Come and hear Jesus’ audacious claims and discover what that means for you

Your Move

There are very few things as frustrating as not knowing where you are, but what about when you’re not sure where to go next?  Whether you’re new to our church or have attended here for years, we want to help you make your next move.

Worried For Nothing

We all worry…to different degrees, about different things, at different stages of life. Yet the Bible commands us to “not worry.” Is that even realistic? Let’s take a look at Jesus’ teaching this Sunday, as He explains “why” we worry and offers some practical truths to calm our anxieties.

Seeing Beyond 2020

It’s a new year which means it’s time to make those resolutions, right? But can you even remember the resolutions you made last year? Perhaps what you need is not another goal to give up on, but a God-given vision for your life that can give you a newfound purpose, passion and direction that reaches beyond this year and into eternity. Join us as we help you to see beyond 2020.

God With Us

Many of us are focused on what we’re getting others this Christmas season. But what if Christmas was our reminder to be receptive to what God wanted to give to us? What if He came to be with us so that he could work his perfect gifts in us and through us?

Moving In

Jesus’ vision for his disciples was to reach the nations with the gospel message. But let’s be honest, many of us have a hard time just starting a conversation with our neighbors. So if we aren’t reaching those next to us, how do we expect to reach those far from us? Come and discover the essentials of how to neighbor your neighborhood.

Which Jesus?

Depending on who you talk to, there are a lot of different ideas on who Jesus was, what he did, and who he claimed to be.  But what if the answer to this question has eternal consequences?  Which version of Jesus do you believe?

Better Together
It’s an expression thrown around a lot. It sounds good, but do we believe it? More importantly, do we live it out?

The Book For Me?
The Bible is by far and away the most influential and pervasive book on planet earth. Most of us have a copy but many of us haven’t actually read the whole thing. In fact, there’s lots of questions surrounding it. Is it reliable? How do we understand it? Is it really the book for me?

Permission to Speak Freely
Join us all month long as we tackle a variety of interesting and challenging topics geared to help you grow spiritually

Big God, Little Me: The Autobiography of Moses
Have you ever felt like what God was asking you to do was simply beyond you?
Join us as we take a look at the life of one the most influential leaders and
persons of faith in history from his own words.

Space for Grace:
Can you believe we are finally ready to move into our new space?!?! It’s been a long time coming, but… We are excited to celebrate in our new addition THIS SUNDAY.

The Power of God:
We know it can take all kinds of different forms. Would it surprise you that the most powerful demonstrations of power all revolved around the Easter story? It did for those closest to Jesus.

Post American Christianity:
Whether we recognize it or not, we’ve all been handed a version of Christianity that has been impacted by our culture. But the same culture that has shaped American Christianity is increasingly rejecting American Christianity… and perhaps we should, too. What would it look like to move beyond an American Christianity to more of an authentic version?

Transforming Love:
As our culture wraps up its annual celebration of love, we’ll consider what it means for God to transform the way we love. How can we love in a way that the world finds compelling, as it reveals how great God is? How can we personally experience the kind of love that God has always wanted us to experience in the church, the kind of love that transforms lives?

On the Other Side of…
Getting from point A to point B is not always easy.  Usually, there are obstacles that get in the way of our destination.  When it comes to our faith journey, where we want to be is often on the other side of what we don’t want to do.  The question is, are we willing to do what it takes to get to the other side?

Unwrapping God:
What if God’s greatest gift to the world was Himself?

My Big Fat Church Family:
Like it or not, when you marry your spouse, you also marry their family. And for some of us, that means spending the holidays with them.  In many ways, the same thing happens when we become Jesus’ followers. We inherit a brand new family. But what does that mean for us?

Dealing with your Feelings: Like it or not, we were created to have an array of emotions. Some of us downplay our feelings, while others of us are too easily controlled by them. However we deal with our emotions, we have to recognize that it ultimately impacts our ability to grow spiritually. Come and discover the art of dealing with your feelings.

Attend to the End: We may believe what God says about what’s to come, but do we live like it in a world filled with distractions? As we look for Christ’s return, 2 Peter 3 will guide us in how to live with intentionality, priority, and purpose in becoming who Christ calls us to be and doing what Christ calls us to do.

The Big Picture:
When the craziness of life hits, it’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the original goal. In the church world, it’s no different. Join us as we (re)discover God’s big picture vision for His church and for your life.

Parental Guidance Required:
Parenting maybe the greatest and most challenging responsibility we can have. As much as we want to be able to control our children, that’s not a long-term option. And neither is giving up. Come and discover the opportunities we do have as parents to help guide our kids to spiritual growth.

Trust the Process:
We all have different stories to tell when it comes to our faith journey.  Some of us grew up in the church, whereas others of us are exploring Christianity as adults for the very first time.  But what if our journeys aren’t as different as we may think?  What if following Jesus means that we all undergo a similar process that leads to a transformed life?  The questions then become: Do you know what the process looks like, and are you willing to trust it?

It’s easy to sell ourselves short. After all, we know our faults, failures and limitations better than anyone. But what if your potential has very little to do with you? What if God wanted to work His power in and through you?

What Matters Most:
The Bible is full of important stories and information to know. But when it comes down to it, there’s really just one story that is of first importance. Come and hear why the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus is really what matters most.

Love and Marriage:
The unfortunate reality is you can have one without the other. And as a result, many marriages have become less than enjoyable. So how do you stay together and enjoy it?

Overlooked: What do you do when you feel like God is overlooking you?


We might live in the most busy and stress-filled culture in history. In our attempts to keep up, we have sacrificed our rest. In fact, the idea of taking time away from work can be a scary thought for some. But what if by doing less, we can actually become more?  Come and discover how doing nothing can actually change everything.

The Gift of Assurance:

When it comes to faith, doubt is normal but burdensome. We seem to have as many (or more) questions as we do answers. Can anyone really know where they stand with an invisible God? Is assurance of salvation even possible? If so, how do we get it and how do we know we have it? Join us this Christmas season as we unwrap God’s gift of assurance.

This is Us:

What makes us, us? Our distinctiveness is much more than simply location and style of worship. We are a unique expression of the body of Christ.  Join us as we provide clarity and a common language that makes us Centerville Grace.

Divine Wrestling

The idea is almost absurd, except for the fact that most people have done it in one form or another.  In fact, the Bible is full of stories of those who’ve wrestled with God in their own way.  Could it be that God actually wants us to wrestle with Him?

Disciple: Be One. Make One.

Jesus didn’t call us to become Christians, he called us to become his disciples.  But what does it really mean to be a disciple of Jesus?  Come and discover what it takes to be one and to make one.