we make disciple-makers


Building relationships is critical in the disciple-making process. Here’s some topics and tools to consider to help you connect with others. 

As Christians, we stay right with God as we continue to pursue intimate FELLOWSHIP with Him
and His people based on His Word. FELLOWSHIP refers to a shared experience. To have an
intimate relationship with God, we need a shared experience with three key elements: God’s
person, God’s people, and God’s precepts.

Matthew 18:20 says “For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with
them” (NIV). The purpose of FELLOWSHIP in DiscipleMaking is to Glorify God. Through a
genuine FELLOWSHIP in a DiscipleMaking relationship, both parties encourage movement
towards a stronger relationship with Christ.

Jesus utilized FELLOWSHIP in His ministry, in being together with His Disciples, as well as those
around him. Examples include sharing material goods, eating together at the Last Supper, and
praying together in house churches and the Temple. We all need a relationship with each
other, as well as a need for a relationship with Jesus. Aloneness can lead to loneliness.

Basic tenants of Christian FELLOWSHIP include:

  • Authenticity: we share our true feelings
  • Mutuality: we encourage each other
  • Empathy: we support each other
  • Mercy: we forgive each other
  • Honesty: we speak the truth in love
  • Humility: we admit our weaknesses
  • Courtesy: we respect our differences
  • Confidentiality: we do not gossip

Benefits to Christian FELLOWSHIP include:

  • Challenge to grow in grace
  • Receive needed encouragement in time of weariness, failure, and discouragement
  • Provide correction necessary for spiritual growth

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