James asks a great question, What causes fights among us? And the answer is always the same. We want something and we don’t get it. And it’s because of our selfishness that we end up ruining relationships, the very vehicle in which the gospel is communicated most effectively. So because our high value on relationships, we believe they are worth “dying” to ourselves.

We live in a world of self-help everything. It is true some extra amount of discipline and focus can bring about change. But only to a degree. What we need isn’t just a little change, but a true transformation. Only Jesus can give us a new heart, soul, mind and strength to be the kind of person he created us to be. When you encounter Jesus, He will change you.

There’s a lot of myths floating around about generosity. One being you need to be rich to be generous. Another is you need to give a certain amount to be considered generous. It’s really not about how much you have or even how much you give. But rather, the heart behind giving. A generous heart doesn’t see giving as a “have to” (duty) but rather they see it as a “get to” (privilege).

There’s not a lot in our world that inspires us to look beyond our world.  Because we were created in the image of God, we are unique in our abilities to worship and to inspire others to worship which means to ascribe ultimate value to God. We understand the way in which we engage with God can impact how others engage with God. We also understand we were created to be creative, and our works of art and creativity have unique abilities to call attention to the glory of God.

When you understand the gospel, you quickly realize that God has our best interest in mind. So when it comes to rules and obedience from Scripture, we know even though they may be inconvenient to follow, especially in our culture, they are meant for our best and we would be wise to put them into practice.

Leadership is all about influence. As much as some of us want to shy away from those terms, Jesus made it clear that his followers are both the salt and the light the world desperately needs to experience. We believe each Christ-follower is uniquely positioned to influence those around them towards a growing relationship with Jesus.

The Scriptures describe life like a race. Most people end up seeing themselves running an individual race where the goal is to simply get to the finish line. But what if the “race of life” was more like a relay race than we think? What if it’s not enough just to get to the finish line? What if we didn’t really win until we handed off the baton to the generation behind us? We believe the next generation needs our help and we can’t really win unless we pass the baton off well.

Culture and technology are two aspects of life that are interwoven and inescapable in our society. They can be used for both good or evil. We believe any work can be sacred work and we’ve seen the Church’s impact on culture and technology in the past to leverage the gospel and we believe we can do it again.

Even though Jesus was for the world, he set himself up in opposition to how worked. And in that way, Jesus was considered dangerous. How did Jesus end up turning the known world upside down? It was through his spirit filled disciples who went out and made disciples who made disciples. This continues to be our primary strategy in making disciples of all nations.

Jesus made it clear to his disciples, that if anyone wants to be first, they must become the servant of all. Greatness isn’t about leveraging the power you have for yourself, greatness is about leveraging the power you have for others. A “great” question to ask is, What can I do to help you?

We know unity is hard to obtain and even harder to maintain. This is why Jesus prayed specifically for our “one-ness.” Many people think unity means uniformity and that the enemy to unity is diversity. We believe Jesus died for the whole world and that we are called to make disciples of all nations (ethnicities), which means the gospel has the power to unite us all together. And with our oneness in Christ, it will give the world a reason to put their faith in Christ.

We all have things in life that end up tripping us up. Pride, unbelief, our past failures… How do we deal with those things that end up causing us so many problems? The answer is to look to Jesus. We believe the best thing you can do is tell and retell yourself the gospel every day. The Gospel isn’t just the pathway to life (meaning  it isn’t for just evangelism), it’s also the pathway for life.