What Is Evangelism?

What is evangelism? 

This is such a tough question, and it really shouldn’t be. But over the years we have really messed this whole concept up.

Even the word “evangelism” has some crazy connotations to it. In reality, evangelism is sharing the transformative nature of the Gospel with someone who doesn’t know (or doesn’t accept) the fullness of life that comes with Christ.

Evangelism is not a program of the church. It’s not a one or two step process. It is an identity of the Christian… and it is intentional, as well as relational. 

Evangelism is a commitment to having non-Christian friends and being okay with being different. It is not giving into culture or fads when they clearly go against who Christ wants us to be. 

Sometimes I think we overcomplicate the idea, but at its core, evangelism is you being a missionary of the Gospel wherever God has you! 

At work, at school, in your neighborhood, and on your sports teams… Just bring Jesus with you everywhere you go! Be intentional about mentioning that you are the way you are because of the way Jesus is the way HE is! 

-Pastor Tony