Meditating on the Bible

If reading the Bible gives us the breath of the ocean that is God’s word, meditating on it gives us the depth of that ocean. 

Typically, if you look up meditation, it’s defined in some sense as to slow down, focus, and reflect. I believe there is great value in slowing down to focus in on God’s Word and reflect on it. I think it helps us draw more meaning out of it and thereby be more life-giving.

Joshua 1:8 says…
“The book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.”

This is a classic verse people go to when it comes to meditating on the Word, which makes sense because it applies well. 

To set up a little context, Moses has just passed away, and now Joshua oversees leading the Israelite people. Moses’ shoes were not easy to fill – the beloved man who gave the people God’s law, the man who led everyone out of Egypt, the man who guided them for the past 40+ years. I imagine Joshua was probably nervous to take on the job. 

God speaks directly to Joshua, encouraging him to “meditate” on His Word – to slow down, focus, and reflect on it. To take what was written and not just read it, but to let it sink in. To let the word of the Lord go down into the depths of his heart. Out of that, He will find success in life. He will succeed at leading a nation of people because he knows God more.

While we are not leading a nation of people, we too should meditate on the Word of the Lord. We should slow down and focus in on what it is saying. We should let it sink into the depths of our soul. In thinking on it, it reflects out of our hearts into our everyday life. A reflection where we live like Jesus desires us to live, where we have a prosperous life by knowing God more. 

Scripture is too deep to simply read. In some ways, we miss deep understanding of the Word if we aren’t slow with it. Take for example the book of Romans, arguably the most theologically dense book in the Bible. I remember my first read through of the book. I simple read it. When I was done, I didn’t understand why people make such a big deal of it – but that’s because all I did was read it! I didn’t take time to process and understand the depths of it. Now, every time I revisit the Book I’m slow with it. I take time to focus and reflect on the depths of it. I find now that each time I walk away from the Book, I have a deeper and richer understanding of God because of being slow with the Book. As a result of a deeper understanding, my life is more prosperous because my knowing of the Lord is stronger.

Friends, I would encourage you to meditate on God’s Word. Take time to let it sink to the depths of your heart that you may know Him better. While it might only take 5 minutes to read a chapter of the Bible each day, I would encourage you to take 15 minutes to read so you can be slow with it, so you can focus and reflect on His Word. Enjoy the depths that is the ocean of His Word.

-Pastor Casey