What Is Prayer?

I grew up in a super liturgical tradition. Sit, stand, kneel, plus throw in a couple of Hail Mary’s with a Lord’s Prayer. This was my prayer life for as long as I could remember. It was intentional, and I am grateful for it.
As I grew in the faith, I began to experience different ways to talk to God. From breath prayers to free form – my knowledge of connecting with the Lord continues to expand in amazing ways.
This month, as we lean into the next discipline of 2024, we are going to talk about PRAYER – all the types, all the ways, all the expressions of prayer.
Prayer, at its core, is about talking with God. It’s about communing with Him from the depths of our soul. Sometimes that means us talking. Sometimes that means us listening. Sometimes it is the wordless groans of our hearts.
No matter how we do it, prayer is an essential part of the Christian life. It is a foundational tool in following Jesus, while also creating intimacy with God.
This month, as we lean in together, remember that prayer is our time to intentionally connect with God. If you feel distant, in chaos, or just unsure… Prayer is a great place to start!

Praying Together,
Pastor Tony